Iain Johnston

My philosophy is to drive and deliver better results by finding solutions using your own knowledge and collective thought processes, stimulated through my own business methodology, understanding, experience, entrepreneurial skills and creative thinking.

At the age of 60, I felt that I now had an opportunity to realise my passion for working with small businesses, managers and entrepreneurs to help make a difference, in whatever way I can, by adding value through sharing my business knowledge and experience. 

I developed the “Searching FOR Customers” model, as an on line programme to offer the best opportunity for me, ‘The Fixer’, to work with you to improve your business wherever you are.

My business career has been a roller coaster ride of success, experiences and lessons learnt from the mistakes I made along the way, and now have the opportunity to share this with you and hopefully influence, educate, inform or inspire you, in some small way to be successful in your business.

The two key things that will guide you in everything you do are, keep it simple and be consistent, which you will achieved by doing the small things extraordinary well all the time. In my late 20`s I ticked off one of the items on my bucket list, that of learning to fly, and getting my private pilot’s licence.  Some of the experiences I had and the lessons I learnt through this exceptional journey, have parallels in business life, which I have shared with you in my programmes.

I developed Searching for Customers and the concept of ‘The Fixer’ based on a childhood game I used to play with my friends. Sitting on the banks of a river one day, we were discussing how to best get across the river without getting our feet wet. We would sit and plot out what we thought was the best route, and once we had pointed out the way we intended to go, we each took turns to see who could get across the river.

Of course what you see from the river bank and what you experience when you are in the middle of the river, are often quite different and what you thought was the easy way across, is blocked by an obstacle you could not see initially.

The highlight of the game was when someone got their feet wet, or at worst fell into the river, the sound of your friends laughing was the last thing you wanted to hear.

In business we can sometimes find ourselves stranded on an island, not knowing how we are going to get out of the situation we are in, or what direction we should take to find, obtain and retain customers to improve your sales revenue.

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