Louis Hanekom

Louis is Managing Director of Vicinity King and 2IC to the CEO of FOURWAYS Community Chamber of Commerce. Louis advises his clients & members on how to Create Loyal Customers.

Louis established his business in 2016. Prior to that time Louis spent 4 years as a Retail Channel Development Project Manager for Altech Autopage developing and enhancing the 143 strong, national franchise retail channel footprint.

Louis offers strategic communication products and services for both Private and Public sectors, as well as Project Management services with a marketing flavour.

Louis specialises in solving issues that directly affect consumers, and helping them receive their desired needs & goals.

Louis has 16 years of experience in Project Management and has passion for consumer behaviour. 

Value Statement

I live a life filled with ambition, remaining honest at all times, it gives me the courage to take on any responsibility which gives me an exciting life, providing a secure, free and equal family environment and my inner harmony allows me to share my wisdom with love.

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